ASH project is a noble mix of unity of Asia that extends from Mesopotamia to Tibet, Japan and Kuala Lumpur. The main theme that can be traced both in the cuisine and in the interior is interweaving — the interweaving of cultures, colors, epochs. Its main symbol is an art object, an installation in the interior, which symbolizes what any asian country is associated with: a poorly formed street pole and electric wires. We have glorified this chaos by turning it into a structure. It obviously can be called structure due to the fact that this spool of wire is the axis of the entire composition.



Armen Firganov

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

5 months





And the whole interior is designed in such a way that from every view point guest can see something interesting and wants to consider the details. A wall with a bas-relief symbolizes the lifelines, metaphorically reflected in the form of a fingerprint. There is the unique rhythm of love, Asia and culture in these lifelines. Redesigned as prayer poles from Nepalese culture, the columns contain lines of mantras with deep meanings that interact with visitors: each column has one moving line that invites visitor to unravel its mystery.

The project space is dark, enveloping, cozy, with many textures, giving the impression of in-depth journey. The key motive is a combination of textured wood and stone in its various manifestations. There is a beautiful parable that emphasizes this motive:

‘One night, General Zhao Cong returned home after a big party and decided to walk along the path near the river.

And suddenly he saw that a tiger was hiding in the bushes near the turn. This tiger had already crouched down and was ready to jump. Despite the wine he had drunk at the festival, Zhao Cong reacted instantly — he pulled out a bow, drew it and fired an arrow that struck the tiger to death.

When the general woke up in the morning, he remembered about this incident and sent servants to make a stuffed tiger out of a dead tiger as a reminder of this incident. The servants returned in a state of complete confusion — they did not find any tiger, but they found a huge boulder in the bushes. And this boulder was pierced through by the arrow that the general fired last night.

When Zhao Cong saw it himself, he was really surprised by this phenomenon and started to fire arrows at this stone, but they all flew off without even scratching the surface. So Zhao Cong understood the famous saying: ‘If the intention is perfect, then the arrow pierces the stone’.

It is worth noting that wood and stone are included in the project according to the principle of sustainable production. We partially use scraps of stone and wood left over from production, thereby forming a beautiful mosaic of these textures. Thus, we celebrate imperfection, passing greetings to Wabi-Sabi culture.

The ASH project is located in Moscow City and it “rings” the concept of Asia for the guest as skyscrapers and accent urbanicity are also an integral symbol of culture that inspired the creators of the restaurant and us.