ERWIN reka

Located aboard an

ice-breaker yacht «ERWINriver» is a branch of the popular fish restaurant

«Ervin.RiverSeaOcean». The ship that belongs to the Radisson Royal fleet

navigates Moskva River everyday offering to its guests a beautiful panorama of

the capital accompanied by exquisite cuisine. Despite numerous technical and

safety requirements and constrains, which are inevitable when it comes to

ships, aboard the restaurant was created an interior where the cruise mood reigns

all year long.



Alexsandr Rappoport

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

2 months





Yacht interior design has its challenges. Unlike when dealing with an apartment or a house, the walls of the vessel are impossible to move, which forces an architect to create beautiful and comfortable environment inside a rigid existent structure, elements of which become an integral part of the interior.

What at a first glance could seem a simple river vessel was transformed into a real cruise ship by ingenious decorator tricks and wisely chosen furnishings. Rich greenery and sea themed décor together with furniture of blue and yellow colors in the main space resemble best Caribbean resorts. On the VIP floor one can experience an atmosphere of a high-end club hotel thanks to the hardwood facing and traditional armchairs padded with velvet.

This project is realized in a perfect compliance with all technical requirements and fully satisfy strict safety protocol. E.g. all the woodwork is performed from nonporous wood resistant to high humidity and one can find a personal life vest located under every seat.