ERWIN rekamoreokean

Bright and light, filled with details and textures this cozy interior is based on combination of adjoining colors with several bright accents. Ergonomically designed and functional. The base for this concept is fish based cuisine. The image for it – a combination of high level abstract and formal feeling with spontaneous feeling of beauty of sea objects and attributes.



Alexsandr Rappoport

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

4 months





The common space is divided into several areas, each one of a different mood. The podium located alongside the window suggest relaxing, soft seating with cozy armchairs.

The space before the atrium is the brightest and with a formal atmosphere: it is equipped with massive tables designed for large parties, big armchairs, intricate sofas. Here, at the center of the space, the ironic statue of Poseidon-Erwin is located – the symbol of the brand. The main element of this area and of the entire restaurant is the sea food buffet: crabs, crawfish, shrimps and lobsters are a bright red accent inside the blue/green interior palette.

Concrete wall as a «composition element» of paleontology museum. Fish fossils, which with age gained a conditional character that makes it difficult to recognize a specific type. A cheerful fish school is swimming towards the light, but as in any crowd there is a one non-conformist that always goes against the stream and probably knows better that others (at every wall there is a «crazy» fish of that kind).

Details: 203 steel fishes are arranged around the chimney –

During summer: a solid mackerel school performing daily vertical migration, following the feeding mechanisms,

During winter: a solid herring school lowers down into e more fresh levels and stays in a motionless flow.

203 corresponds to number of seats in the restaurant.