ERWIN style beauty party

A luxurious Hollywood style beauty space in downtown Moscow.

A movie classic “Breakfast at Tiffany's” and “Ralph Lauren”-like approach to lifestyle were the sources of inspiration for the interior concept of this beauty salon. It translates into high end materials, elegant details, abundance of light and never ending party mood, which will help anyone to recover from the intensity of a metropolitan stress. ERWIN is not a simple beauty salon, but a sophisticated resort located inside the Moscow Garden Ring.



Private person

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

6 months





Main architectural criteria for this project were functionality, efficient workflow and ability to easily transform the space. Key elements that helped to achieve the goals – corporate romantic color palette, professionally designed lighting and… mirrors!

A perfectly balanced combination of warm gray, blue, colors of “duck wing” and “frightened nymph’s thigh” give the space distinct character and emphasize main functional areas.

The lighting system being a necessary condition for flawless workflow was carefully studied. A complex system of various types of lights (built-in spots, flush mount, track lights, pendants, directed and diffused lights) provides ideal conditions both for hairdressers and make-up artists work and comfort of the clients.

Another distinctive feature of this interior – mirrors, which are used not only as a functional element, but as the main decorative one. Massive reflective surfaces visually enlarge the space and multiply amount of light, while creating an atmosphere of chick and glamour. Mirrors also help clients to discover their artistic side and charge them with confidence in their beauty and themselves.