Kiter's apartment

This project is

the result of a workflow experiment and an undeniable proof that boldness and

confidence in architect’s professionalism lead to a success. After a brief

discussion of main requirements and layout approval, the client left on a three

months trip to come back into a new and complete apartment. The result of this

experiment is a bold interior for a strong-minded personality.



Private person

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

2 months





This apartment of an unusual for a pre-revolutionary building surface of 46 square meters was to inhabit all the necessary components of a comfortable accommodation for an active man with a contemporary spirit: kitchen/dining, living room, bedroom and studio.

Interior is built on contrast combination of materials and colors, which has drastically transformed quite limited space. The kitchen cabinets volumes and dining table blend with the plain white walls. Bare concrete ceiling outlined with black frame floats in the air visually making the room seem even taller than it already is. Small bathroom turned into a huge marble cube and uncomfortable transit space next to the balcony was transformed into a studio, where bright kites hang above the desk.

After the long trip the happy client moved into the new apartment directly from the airport, where not only the interior was perfect, but every essential was at its place and in line with the aesthetics including bed sheets and tea spoons.