KLEVO usch

“God knows what will happen next; and it doesn't matter when you are lying on the seashore in such a wonderful weather. It is enough that you exist" (John Fowles)

The “Klevo” restaurant, organically integrated into the lively fabric of the “Usachevsky” market, is a concentrate of impressions that remains in one’s heart after a seaside vacation.



Novikov group

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

4 months





The unique architectural language created by Anza for the interior of “Klevo” restaurant has evolved into a corporate identity – an integral part of the brand's franchising business model. The main value of the style developed by Anastasia Zemlyanskaya is that, despite the aesthetic integrity and recognizability of the image, fundamental to the concept of franchising, it contains a code for versatility, thanks to which each new restaurant has a unique atmosphere. The restaurant on the “Usachevsky” market is a vivid proof of this principal.

Like a southern city caressed by warm sun rays, this interior is filled with light. The allegory of the aquarium in a double-story glazed space and glass display cases replete with delicacies clearly anticipate the seafood based menu. The transparency of the glass is also a metaphor for the transparency of the relationship between the restaurant and its customers, it leaves no doubts about the products’ premium quality. Trust, homelike comfort and vibrant atmosphere of a southern resort reign here.