Летняя веранда Tacobar

Thanks to the summer terrace, the atmosphere of the Mexican coast, concentrated inside the restaurant, has finally spilled out onto Pyatnitskaya Street.



Armen Firganov

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

2 months





It is impossible to confuse the architectural and cultural code embedded in the design of the “Tacobar” summer terrace with anything else but Mexico. The simplicity and comfort of wooden furniture and wicker chairs together with the gentle shade of straw umbrellas create a welcoming atmosphere, which together with sand color palette, warm wood texture and tall greenery results in a calm image of southern benevolence.

It's nice to just hang out while carry on never-ending and easy conversations, forgetting about the bustle of Moscow. Just as in a Mexican street restaurant, an evening mojito will subtly turn into a late dinner, and suddenly you'll find a friend in a stranger across the table. *

* Dedicated to the Mexican acquaintance with the family P.