“He searched for her in Gelendzhik, in Gagry, in Sochi. The day after his arrival in Sochi, he bathed in the sea in the morning, then shaved, put on clean linen, a snow-white tunic, had lunch at his hotel on the terrace of the restaurant, drank a bottle of champagne, had coffee with chartreuse, unhurriedly smoked a cigar. Returning to his room, he laid down on the couch and shot himself in the temples with two revolvers.”

If only he had gone to a bar…

«MEDUZA» in Sochi is a portal to luxurious ambiance of best London bars, where time slows down and dimed lights help to forget all troubles (at least while the glass is full of shimmering wine).

Like in a case of a successful cocktail recipe, the secret of “Meduza” atmosphere lies in a perfect balance of ingredients: light and darkness, matt materials and polished surfaces, bright colors and neutral shades, private tables and space for interaction.



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A unique atmosphere that expects one who enter the bar annunciates itself long beforehand: it is impossible not to notice the stylish sign crafted from naval steel, panoramic windows and delicately lit up steps that slowly disappear into the semi-dark entryway.

The long bar counter in polished brass is no doubt the main focal point of the interior. It is divided into functional areas, each one is equipped to serve drinks of a specific type: strong spirits, wine, cocktails and beer. Bottles disposed on the shelves dramatically light up by the built-in LED leave no doubt regarding the establishment’s main function.

Regardless its compact size, “Meduza” provides perfect conditions for every visitor: singles in a search for a new acquaintance, couples valuing romantic atmosphere or group of friends looking for a place to hang out while having their favorite drink.

This interior was created out of uncommon combinations and strong attention to detail: coldness of stone floor and concrete walls brutality are compensated by elegant furniture upholstered in orange and emerald velvet, while red tinted accent lighting creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.