Mziuri restaurant is a taste of a bright Georgian spirit integrated into chaotic historical context of the busy Klimentovsky Lane. The interior is enhanced by many curious details and elements of national Caucasian folklore, translated into contemporary architectural language.




Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

3 months





Clear and colorful image of Georgia was the starting point for this interior design concept. Like in a Georgian home, the kitchen is the energy center of the restaurant and the focus point of the ground level space. Here, neutral concrete walls serve as a backdrop for the vibrant elements of national decor: golden sofas upholstery, multicolored marble floor and charming wooden ceiling. The characteristic atmosphere of Caucasian region is transferred through such picturesque elements as carpet hanged on the wall, ceramic vessels suspended from the ceiling, aged mirrors decorated with traditional ornament.

A graceful black staircase with stamped metal risers (reminder of skilled craftsmen of Georgia), leads to the main hall of the restaurant, where the interior interacts with the historical context of Zamoskvorechye. Since the windows here offer the splendid view towards the Church of Pope Clement of Rome, the walls of this space were painted with the same red-brick color of the church’s façade to embrace the interaction between the interior space and its exterior context. This relationship is further enhanced by the endless repetition of Church reflections both on the mirrored window jambs and large mirrors on opposite walls.

Here, original decorative elements interpreted with humor create a joyful atmosphere: furry chandeliers and armchairs looking like giant fur hats, bright and colorful chairs upholstery, carved wooden ceiling, decorative panels and naive paintings on the walls. A marble tabletop surrounding olive trees with a backdrop of Caucasian mountains silhouette on the bar counter acts as an important semantic element of the space, the metaphor for the traditional Georgian table that gathers everyone around.