NEST restaurant&bar

The starting point for the development of the interior of the two-story restaurant “NEST” was the spiral staircase – a bare concrete curl enclosed in a “cage” of steel bars. This staircase set the basic tone of a royal garden solemn atmosphere for the whole space.



Private person

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

6 months





The “bird” theme stated in the restaurant name is present in every detail of the interior: in the combination of walnut furniture and olive sofas, in floral wall paintings and cloud shaped glares of light on the ceiling. And even the fragment of a bare concrete wall, picturesque texture of which was accidentally discovered during dismantling works, resembles a precious rock hidden in a secret garden.

“NEST” interior is a rare example of a family restaurant with a sophisticated setting. Couples or large parties will enjoy the ground floor space equipped with comfy seats and a stylish bar and families will appreciate cozy tables and a big playroom of the second floor.