The entire cultural context of the project is literally sewn into the walls — even they hospitably greet guests with japanese proverbs. One of them is: "一家団欒", translated like: "let's all get together and have fun".



Gourmet Alliance

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

3 months





The project is japanese restaurant with pleasant cozy atmosphere, its space is really comfortable to stay in. The restaurant has two points of attraction — the open bar and the open kitchen. It is also worth saying that two cozy VIP-lounge rooms are always ready for guests.

The restaurant interior is concise and clear, completed with tactile noble materials. ANZA have created cozy, expensive, family space that is "familiar" to the guest, and at the same time it is fascinating everybody with its novelty.

Words of russian writer, Viktor Pelevin, may supplement the project description with some kind of association: "Many asian temples surprise the traveler with the discrepancy between the poverty of empty rooms and the multi-stage luxury of the roof — with upturned corners, precious dragons and scarlet tiles. The symbolic meaning is quite clear: treasures should be collected not on earth, but in heaven. The walls symbolize this world, the roof — the higher world. While looking at the building itself, you can see nothing but a shack. And while looking at the roof you see a palace".