Knowledge is trendy,

Knowledge is stylish,

Knowledge is sexy!

and interiors of a new Novikov Business School destined to accomplished professionals who do not stop there is a materialization of this concept.



Novikov group

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

4 months





Business School, which became an organic continuation of the Novikov Culinary School, respects perfectly the design aesthetics of its main spaces. As well as the Culinary School, the new interiors designed by ANZA integrate signature burgundy color and a light natural oak texture to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

The main distinctive feature of Business School spaces is the possibility of unlimited halls transformation in accordance to contemporary dynamic teaching techniques. Scenic lighting makes it possible to create ideal conditions for either traditional lectures or group master classes. Trapezoidal desks can be arranged and composed in multiple ways to accommodate a lesson of any type, creating one continuous surface or separate stations of various shapes and sizes for individual work.

All elements of the study halls interiors are functional, including the walls: on each of them, constructed of metal and covered with chalk paint, one can not only write as if on a blackboard, but also attach necessary visual aid.

With the addition of a new Business Faculty, Novikov School has grown significantly, up to integrate a part of the “Gimeney” shopping center corridor. Now this corridor looks like a street in a European city, where signs indicate the study halls (the “tasty” names of which as “spicy”, “bitter” or “umami” continue the culinary theme), and floor has acquired an additional visual communication function through direction lines and color code.