Restaurant Rybinsk

Once in "Rybinsk", the visitor runs the risk of forever dissolving in the prevailing here relaxing atmosphere of vacation ease.



Novikov group

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

4 months





The interior of the “Rybinsk” does not fit into any ordinary stylistic or architectural categories: this delightfully crazy mix of images of Morocco, Bali and Greece amazes by originality, brightness and beauty of the space in its every detail.

The main decorative techniques of this interior are simplicity and rationality. And the main characters are not hand-made Moroccan lamps or wicker furniture, and not even luxurious oriental carpets, but nature, sea and sunset. A huge olive tree located in the center of the room emphasizes the continuous interaction of the interior and exterior, enhancing the atmosphere of an open, airy space, and the restaurant's view terrace has been lovingly named as "sunsetoshnaya" for a breathtaking view that it offers towards the sunset. The summery interior of the restaurant attracts attention of passers-by: it is impossible to walk past its windows, and once inside, the visitor becomes lost in its daring and, at the same time, calming southern atmosphere.

Any meal here, be it lunch at a table surrounded by flowers or an aperitif on the terrace overlooking the bay, it always is a celebration of life.