BBQ «Almaz»

Although "Almaz" translated from Russian means “diamond”, this interior has nothing to do with

jewelry: Almaz is the name of the chef of the restaurant – an experienced

master of Caucasian cuisine. In this restaurant located in the Usachevsky

market guests will find not only the best kebab in the city, but also a hospitable

atmosphere like in the kitchen of a beloved Georgian grandmother.



Novikov Group

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

6 months





To enter the restaurant one is obligated to pass through an impressive glass veranda. Populated with spreading trees it resembles a greenhouse of a southern countryside. The main hall maintains the theme of a hospitable Caucasian home. Warm lighting, open barbecue fire, colorful textiles and tomato seedlings on the shelf under the ceiling create a cozy atmosphere of a family feast. And the masculine energy, without which a good kebab is impossible to cook, is represented by the bare brickwork and brutal concrete.

One of the walls of the main hall of the restaurant is decorated with a bas-relief of concrete cubes, that repeats the ornament or traditional carpets hanged on the adjoining walls – an original modern reinterpretation of the national Caucasian decor.