According to Japanese philosophy, our consciousness and environment that surrounds us constantly interact with each other, and aesthetics is a collateral result of the human process of understanding the world and oneself.

A trip to Japan is not necessary to obtain an inner harmony, just a visit to restaurant “SHIBA” will be sufficient: environment here is as important as the food itself.



Novikov Group

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

6 months





The architectural concept was developed after a long research trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. The secret for this discreet but evocative interior is a fine combination of traditional Japanese design features with contemporary architectural techniques.

The rhythm of wooden beams on the walls and above the bar counter, the powerful contrast between black furniture and red accents and Japanese flag transformed into an art object – all those elements create a unique atmosphere of oriental comfort, which is announced in the name of the restaurant (“shiba” means little cozy place).

Minimalistic materials (naked oak and bare concrete), geometry of rhythm, light and shade – those are the main instruments that shape this harmonious space. Unconventional puzzle-style floor finish emphasizes sober elegance of the traditional Japanese décor while adding playful spin to the interior.