Three key concepts of Japanese minimalist aesthetics simplicity, balance and natural beauty are the basis for the corporate identity of “Shiba” restaurants. The meditative shape of the interior invites to slow down and enjoy simple things which are the secret of true pleasure of life.



Novikov group

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

6 months





Inside the “Shiba” restaurant in the “Arkhangelskoye Outlet” reigns an atmosphere of serene tranquility. At the entrance the visitor is greeted by an installation-allegory of the Sagano bamboo forest, its green foliage frames a luminous circle symbolizing the sun – an art element that has become iconic for the “Shiba” chain. The harmonious design of this interior respects the Japanese traditional concept of beauty which is in a balance between natural elements and man-made objects. The space of the restaurant is built on an equilibrium between the warmth of sand-colored wood and the restrained coldness of concrete, between the strict geometry of the furniture and the organic shape of the surrounding greenery. The natural texture of materials together with the abundance of air and light create a scenario of peace and quiet, adding a spiritual dimension to the gastronomic experience.