“Farewell Tahiti, hospitable, beautiful land, home of freedom and beauty! I am leaving you two years older and twenty years younger" - Paul Gauguin.

There is a portal, right in the middle of Moscow City, crossing the threshold of which, you can take an exotic journey to return more handsome and rested, in other words - rejuvenated.



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Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

6 months





The interior of this Spa Center was based not on an architectural concept, but on the concept of experiences, plunging into which a visitor could forget about the stress that rules the world outside its doors.

We wanted to give the City gentlemen, tired out by busy working days, the magic of an oriental tale. Despite the complicated history of the project, we still managed to build a beautiful space filled with numerous exotic details, many of which were specially brought from Central Asia.

The compositional center of our story is a double-lighted space around which spa treatment rooms are distributed, its focal point, a reproduction of a painting by Gauguin, radiate a bright atmosphere of an exotic resort. Instead of a basic reception counter guests are greeted by a Victorian pharmacy showcase, which offers not just spa services but the secrets of beauty and longevity. Then the space develops into a barber shop worthy to receive true British colonialists.

An atmosphere of confident brutality, cozy twilight and masculine luxury reigns in the manicure and pedicure rooms, the hamam and the relaxation room through noble finishes, natural materials and a rich warm color palette. And of course, the lighting and equipment of every single space is designed keeping in mind perfect work conditions of spa specialists.

This carefully created fabulous world is ready for the new chapter of an old tale ...