Syrovarnya Restaurant is a popular and much-loved project. Since 2015, more than 35 restaurants have opened in different cities across Russia, reflecting high brand standards.



Novikov Group

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

4 months





As time goes, changes occur in the world and in people's lives, and obviously the project also needs certain changes in every new city, in every new place, in every new context.

The goal of redesign was to update the concept of the space, make it light and modern adding color saturation. The key idea is to honor cheese as the main character of the concept. Syrovarnya meant to be the whole world, a kind of special interest club dedicated to the favorite product. ANZA goal is to create cozy, comfortable atmosphere meeting the key idea. Clifton Fadiman’s words were the leitmotif of the project: “Cheese — milk's leap toward immortality”.

There are several elements of the plastic language in the project like green color, art installations, lush green vegetation, tactile wooden panels. The space is imbued with restraint and at the same time with hygge and hospitality so typical for Syrovarnya.

One of the key elements is the circle as a metaphor for cheer of cheese. The circle appears throughout the interior, and there are abstract art works on the walls that are enclosed in circles. The circle theme is completed by art installation at the entrance — Moony Cheese lamp that welcomes guests and attracts the eyes of shopping mall visitors.