Thanks to ANZA the Tacobar restaurant interior has linked together the cultural codes of Mexico, the visitors’ pursuit of seaside scenery and Chef’s bold ideas.



Аrmen Firganov

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

6 months





What is Mexico? It is sun and spontaneity, sea and joy of life. The interior of the Tacobar restaurant immerses visitor in a warm atmosphere of the Mexican coast. Every element, from cozy informal furniture and welcoming wooden surfaces to wicker baskets and ethnic decor, helps to construct the atmosphere of a resort. The space without a single sharp corner wraps and caresses the visitor and natural colour palette, that includes shades of olive, sand and pebble, helps to remember almost forgotten sensations of a summer seaside vacation.

The interior, like a journey worthwhile, combines well-known images, that everyone who is ready to plunge the world of Mexican cuisine is eager to see, with something unexpected, non-obvious, hidden from the idle gaze – the secret "Knorozov bar".

The portrait of the extravagant and brilliant scientist guards not only the Mayan writing code, but also the path to enlightenment – the Chef's table, where one could steal the precious culinary secrets. The trail runs through a mysterious stone staircase leading to the space as intoxicating as the ancient Mayan pyramid or dried up karst lake. In contrast to easy going and relaxing atmosphere of the main hall, the basement level interior is built with mysterious shadows, shades of gray (from slate to concrete) interspersed with the colors of ginger, moss and volcanic lava. The wall iscribed with the Maya font and the golden surfaces remind of both the scientist’s life’s work and the legendary treasures of Mexican tribes.