There were several points that defined the main idea of redesign — the location, the amount of space and the name.



Novikov Group

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

12 months





The name VODНЫЙ (in English translation “water”) doesn’t represent just the location but also the power of water and all other elements.

The central installation tells visitors a lot. When entering the restaurant, guests see kitchen, kitchen island and hood fan, which is a hyper sculpture that reflects all water textures and kinds. There is slanting rain with light in the bar area, flowing waterfall jets in the kitchen area; the kitchen counter itself looks like pounding wave. Moreover, all Terrazzo textures can be compared with pebbles in the sand, sandy texture of the counters’ stone embodies sand beneath water.

It’s also worth mentioning “air concept” — there is a lot of air in the interior, it feels physically.

Have you noticed the pattern? The thing is that despite the name VODНЫЙ, I wanted to add all the elements in the project as they exist in harmony in nature. The interior of the restaurant turned out to be just as harmonious.

There is an object that symbolizes the fire element — the furnace of red terracotta color that runs like a red thread through the entire interior. This color is also used in some elements and is the signature color of the project.

ANZA rethought historical shape of the premise, and as a result a large three-dimensional bas-relief appeared on the sloping ceiling part. It was based on one of the paintings by russian artist A.Deineka. Thus, there is visual 4D effect. When entering the restaurant, visitors see water space that is split by athletes of sailing, rowing and other types of water sports; while raising eyes a little higher, people see the same athletes on the bas-relief.

I like the fact that the interior of VODНЫЙ is cozy, tactile, with many different pleasant textures and amazing prints. Moreover, modern forms of furniture that were specially designed for VODНЫЙ complements the whole project. And last but not least, there is stunning multi-level summer terrace where guests can enjoy beautiful water view.