One of the prerequisites for working in bureau is to collaborate with partners who have a clear understanding of their tasks and the desired outcome. With a meticulously planned concept, we can readily translate it into a tangible interior design.



MANDY’S team

Старт проекта


Срок выполнения

4 months





Throughout this partnership, we explored several principles:

  • The various forms of contemporary art
  • The architectural layout of the institution
  • Interaction with aspects of Chinese culture.

While creating Wontoneria, we decided to experiment by deviating from the typical "restaurant design" and instead presenting the interior as an artistic space, transforming the restaurant into an artwork itself.

In our investigation, we focused on the following ideas:

  • Modern art
  • Architectural purity
  • Interaction with elements from Chinese culture.

As a result, the simplicity and proportions of the space were revealed, showcasing its full potential. The existing ambiance is enriched with numerous unique items and household objects, many of which were artistically designed by our team. One particularly notable piece is a tall 'recycle-vase' filled with broken restaurant utensils collected from our favorite places in Moscow.

The central theme of art in the project is the paintings created in collaboration with artificial intelligence. The main picture depicts the distinctive world of Wontoneria, set in a space station on an uncharted planet, where elements and characters from Star Wars coexist with a mysterious elderly geisha, embodying an air of mystery and power. Observing the artwork for an extended period allows viewers to discover various Chinese and fantasy symbols and attributes.

A prominent feature responsible for the landscape within the space is an expressive tree adorned with wishing ribbons instead of foliage, representing a recognizable symbol of Eastern culture and acting as a delightful focal point in the project. (For instance, visitors can make a wish not to gain weight from fast food).

Even the journey to the bathroom is designed as a distinct adventure, featuring vibrant lighting and hieroglyphs with 'kittens' and 'rock and roll' meanings.

Wontoneria is a Chinese eatery located in the context of Chistiye Prudy, emanating a special atmosphere of authenticity with subtle touches of light negligence.

The entire interior comprises numerous intricate details and hidden meanings that come to life within the artful world we have created for this space.